17 Jan

Why play blackjack betting? 

In terms of simplicity and value, blackjack takes the lead among other online casino games. With the right strategy, this game is easy to learn and allows traders to lower the house to less than 0.50%. As if that wasn't enough, the game adds complexity through side bets. So what is blackjack side betting and how does it work? This blackjack guide has answers to these questions, and many more. 카지노사이트

Player's hands playing blackjack game in mobile phone.

What is a side bet in blackjack?

As the name suggests, a blackjack side bet is another bet placed in the game of blackjack. Betting is usually done at the beginning of each round, where players predict which cards the dealer or player will get next. Because you cannot predict the outcome of a side bet in blackjack, these bets are considered a game of chance. And of course, card counter experts can always get out of this situation. 

Standard blackjack bets at most online casinos 

Now that you know what blackjack side bets are, it's time to find out what to expect at the best online casino. They understand:  


Insurance is the most common bet in blackjack games. This bet allows players to protect themselves against blackjack if the dealer holds an ace face. Although insurance bets allow players to bet half of their bets, they are considered "slip bets" because you are betting on the dealer have blackjack. 

Perfect Pairs

Bets on this side are based on the player's cards. It pays if the player receives double. First, the mixed pair pays 5:1 if you get cards of similar value but in different suits. Second, you can get a pair of suits that pay 12:1 if the cards have the same value. Then there is a perfect chance that pays 25:1 if you get two identical cards. 


In the 21 + 3 blackjack bet, you get paid if the dealer's face up card and the player's two cards match one of the following combinations:  

Flush - You get a 5:1 payout if all the cards match.

Straight - This bet pays 10:1 if all cards are of the same rank but of different suits. It can be 5, 6, 7, etc. https://cutt.ly/zMfLaF0 

Straight flush - if you get a matching card in a straight line (ie 5, 6, 7) you win at 40:1 odds. 

Three of a kind - In this blackjack side bet, the player wins at a rate of 30:1 if the cards are different. However, if you get a similar value card of the same suit, the rate is 100:1. 

In addition to the usual bets, you can also get new bets such as:  

Match Royal - In this side bet, you will get an interesting 5:2 payout for matching playing cards. In addition, a ratio of 25:1 is applied for matching kings and queens. 

Super Seven - A bet on the side that pays if seven or more of the same are sold between the player's cards. If 7 is the player's first card, odds of 3:1 are applied. For two unsuited 7s, the bet pays 50:1, and 100:1 for suited 7s. Also, if an unsuitable 7 is the third card dealt, the odds are 500:1 and 5000:1 for suitable cards. 

Over / Under 13 - In this bet, you will also win money by predicting if the player's total is over or under 13. Interestingly, exactly 13 will -lost in some casinos.

Are side bets worth it?

You should consider whether to place a side bet in blackjack. Yes, blackjack side bets are as good as they come. They allow you to play longer, which translates into higher payouts. For example, the "Super Sevens" side bet exposes you to a winning chance of up to 5000:1. Unfortunately, the room continues to increase in betting on the side of blackjack. Often the room will reach 10% or more. And as you already know, a higher room will make you lose more money in the end.

Popular variety of mobile blackjack for real money  

Blackjack is a popular card game that comes in many variations online. Today, you can play mobile blackjack in more than 20 types spread with RNG and live games. But not all mobile blackjack games are worth playing. Some games have better rules, payouts, and game features. So, this post reviews real money blackjack games to play on your phone or tablet.

Mobile Blackjack Game Variations 

How are these games different? Before listing the best mobile blackjack games, it is important to learn how to distinguish between these types. For example, players can double with a hand total of 11, 10, or 9 in European blackjack. In addition, some variants require the dealer to hit if he has a soft 17 (17 is an ace), while others require him to stand. Additionally, some games may limit the number of times players can split a hand. 

The most popular blackjack game in mobile casinos 

This is a common blackjack game that you will find in almost every mobile casino. See the list below:  

Classic Blackjack (American Blackjack) 

The name alone says it all. Classic blackjack is the most common form of blackjack in most mobile casinos. The main purpose of this game is relatively simple. Just create a collection of close to 21 hands and beat the dealer. However, make sure you are not under or over 21 years of age. If this happens, you will lose. It is important to note that classic Blackjack uses 2 to 4 cards. Also, the players can split or double at any time, the dealer hits on the soft 17. Also, the dealer checks the blackjack. Overall, this is the easiest mobile blackjack game for beginners.  

European Blackjack 

European blackjack is another standard form of blackjack. Like the American version, this game uses two cards with similar game rules. However, in the European version, the seller stands at 17 soft. This makes it a very friendly team for those who can use this rule.  But online mobile casino is not stupid. They have other strict rules to prevent players from exploiting this loophole. For example, the dealer cannot check blackjack, unlike the American version. But that's the only difference, because players can double on 11, 10 or 9.  

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

If you are a person who tries your luck, here is the perfect version of online blackjack. This fun game keeps the game rules like the classic version. For example, the dealer bets on a soft 17, and the players are allowed to split and double. But the main attraction of this card game is the betting. Players predict that the first two cards dealt form a pair in this bet. Of course, these are the numbers of the cards, although you can find paid games to match the suit. The perfect bet has an impressive 30:1.  J9카지노

Multi-hand Blackjack 

Last but not least, play a lot of blackjack hands to eliminate your blackjack handicap. The main purpose does not change here. Make 21 and send the salesman to the cleaners. However, this game allows players to play multiple hands, hence Multihand Blackjack. So how useful is multitasking? Well, your chances increase as you see more decks on the table. In other words, this mobile blackjack is perfect for card counting. And best of all, the minimum bet in this style is usually low. 


These are the best types if you like to play blackjack on mobile. For starters, stick to something simple like the US or EU version. But if you trust your card reading skills, Multihand mode can give you a big chance. And be sure to check out other versions like Spanish 21, Pontoon Blackjack, and Hi-Lo. Have fun! find more information

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